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Mrs Iro Smith is a certified, professional esthetician, make-up artist and permanent make-up artist with studies in Greece, Paris, the Far East and USA.

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Iro Smith Visits

Athens - Greece

  • June 5 to Sept 15, 2017

Bahrain - Saudi Arabia

  • Sept 18, 2017 to Dec 10 , 2017

Dubai - UAE

  • Sept 18, 2017 to Dec 10, 2017

Athens - Greece

  • Jan 30 to Feb 10 , 2017

USA Houston

  • Dec 10 to Jan 10, 2017


D. D (24/05/2005)

I would like to congratulate IRO SMITH for her work. I had my eyes and eye brows done and she did a fantastic job. It is artistic. She changed my life and made me look younger. I followed her advice and I had a fantastic result.

Thank you so much again.

D. D (24/05/2005)