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Iro Smith

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Mrs Iro Smith is a certified, professional esthetician, make-up artist and permanent make-up artist with studies in Greece, Paris, the Far East and USA.



Microblading, hairstrocking, Ombré, Powder Look
permanent make-up

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Upper/Lower (lash line - natural look), permanent make-up

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Lip Tinting

Lip Liner, full lip, permanent make-up

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Athens - Greece

  • May - September 2023

Bahrain - Saudi Arabia

  • March - April 2023 

Dubai - UAE

  • March - April 2023 

USA Houston

  • November 2022 - January 2023


  • March 2- March 26, 2022
  • A. B (26/2/2005)

    Thank you for a great result. I now wake up with a "face"! And my husband was very pleased.
  • S. B

    I wake up in the morning, without any make up, and I feel beautiful. It is one of the best things that I have done in my life. Since I was born with a different lip, my lips did not have a proper shape. I used to put lip liner, but it is used to go away after eating or drinking. Now, I do not have to worry anymore and my lips have perfect shape all the time.
    Iro is a real artist, committed to her customers and a great person.
  • Ms. S S (21/05/2005)

    When I saw first time the job of Ms Iro, I was impressed a lot. I trusted her job and I was not mistaken in choosing her. Alhomdo lillah, I have got what I would. Such sensitive, kind, patience lady as Ms Iro. I have advice to all my girl friends Ms Iro.
    I found not only master of making beauty and as good kind friend as well. I am happy, I have visited her.
    Thanks a lot Ms Iro, with my best wishes.
  • F. D (25/05/2005)

    You are the chief in the UAE.
    Thank you.
  • Dr. V R P (27/0402005)

    It really was a pleasure to meet Ms Iro Smith. As a dermatologist I find her work wonderful. She is able to make a difference to so many people life. The look is so natural, and that makes her work more unique.
  • Mrs. A K(07/07/2003)

    To The Director
    I would like to put in a few words regarding Iro Smith. Iro is one of those rare professionals who although is excellent in her work, the fact that she does it from her heart as well, gives her the bonding relationship that every patient needs with their doctor.
    Constantly she thrives for a better treatment and is always warm. I believe she is a great asset in this place and one thing is for sure, where Iro goes, she do her patients.
    I hope she is always there for us, whenever we need her.
    Thanking you.
  • H.D, MBC Tv Producer (03/05/2000)

    Dear Iro,
    Thank you for everything, you are really The Queen of everything.
  • J.R (16/02/2003)

    Iro's permanent eye make up is the best thing I ever did for myself. I recommend it to all the Ladies.
  • Huda (27/12/2005)

    Dear Iro,
    Your hands are magic, they are better than the dentist my lips was not painful. Thank you for the perfect job
  • H.P (12/07/05)

    You are a wonderful person who gives every day hopes to all the woman when they look themselves in the mirror. God Bless you. I wish you all the best thing which you wish.
  • Maha (10/12/2004)

    I did my eyebrows and my eyes with Dr. Smith, she did excellent job. She is so professional. I am so happy of her prefect job and i am so glad that we have such a perfect doctor in Dubai
  • K.P (10/10/2005)

    I feel more confident to walk around without make-up. No need for mascara even. I often go shopping with no make-up.
  • Roma

    Iro Smith is the best, i've done research on tattooing and Iro is the best and most professional
    With all my love Roma
  • A.M (02/01/2006) (Scars)

    Dear Mrs. Smith
    Today, I went to the hospital to take an immunization, and the nurse asked me to take off my shirt. for the first time in the longest time of my life I felt confident of taking off my shirt!!
    Not only I got great results from the treatment, but I also got my confidence back.
    This would not have happened if it had not been you there with your style, experience and know how.
    Thank you very much
  • Dr. H

    Dear Iro Smith,
    It is very grateful of you, to do such a nice job for my eyebrows and eyelash because as a case of Alopecia, I never woke up relaxed because of it. Now after 25years I am able to wake up and face people at any time without any worry.
    Thanks to you.
  • S.M.G (14/06/05)

    Just a note to say I am more than delighted with the lining of my lips, it immediately has taken years off me and I love my new look.
    Having had my eyes lined three years ago, I would have no hesitation in recommending those treatments to any of my friends.
    Your professionalism shines at all times.
    Thanks again.
  • Yronme. (15/12/2005)

    I wake up in the morning and i am happy to see my face even without make-up but make-up by Iro is a very nice job.
    Thank you Iro
  • Thompson (26/01/06)

    Hello dear Picasso!
    Oh, I'm sorry, you're much better!...
    Iro did provide very new glamorous face for me!
    Thank you.
  • D. D (24/05/2005)

    I would like to congratulate IRO SMITH for her work. I had my eyes and eye brows done and she did a fantastic job. It is artistic. She changed my life and made me look younger. I followed her advice and I had a fantastic result.
    Thank you so much again.