About Iro Smith

Mrs Iro Smith is a certified, professional esthetician, make-up artist and permanent make-up artist with studies in Greece, Paris, the Far East and USA. She is a member of CIDESCO and internationally known for her presentations in many conferences and exhibitions around the world. Mrs Smith has been practising the art of permanent make-up since 1990 and also in co-operation with dermatologists and plastic surgeons she provides her expert solutions for cosmetic applications and medical corrections. Mrs Smith is the founder of the company IRO SMITH - Wake up with Make-up with branches in Greece, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Dubai / UAE.

Mrs Iro Smith has touched the lives of at least 7500 satisfied clients with before and after pictures to prove it, and hundreds of written testimonials thanking her for the improvement of their wellbeing.


Iro Smith Visits

Athens - Greece

  • June 5 to Sept 15, 2017

Bahrain - Saudi Arabia

  • Sept 18, 2017 to Dec 10 , 2017

Dubai - UAE

  • Sept 18, 2017 to Dec 10, 2017

Athens - Greece

  • Jan 30 to Feb 10 , 2017

USA Houston

  • Dec 10 to Jan 10, 2017


Mrs. A K(07/07/2003)

To The Director

I would like to put in a few words regarding Iro Smith. Iro is one of those rare professionals who although is excellent in her work, the fact that she does it from her heart as well, gives her the bonding relationship that every patient needs with their doctor.

Constantly she thrives for a better treatment and is always warm. I believe she is a great asset in this place and one thing is for sure, where Iro goes, she do her patients.

I hope she is always there for us, whenever we need her.

Thanking you.

Mrs. A K(07/07/2003)